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If you no longer wish to have your personal information shared by us for advertising purposes, nor to receive interest-based ads from NewsIQ for this browser, please indicate your preference below. When such choice is exercised on a browser, NCAE will also stop using and sharing or selling data from this browser for interest-based advertising on other browsers and/or devices associated with this browser by NCAE, and will stop using data from those associated browsers and/or devices for interest-based advertising on this browser.

Opt me out of customized NewsIQ ads and sharing my personal information with third parties.

Please note that to effectuate the opt-out, your browser must be cookie-enabled, and if you use other browsers or devices or delete your cookies, you will need to repeat this procedure for those browsers or devices. If you elect to opt out, you may continue to receive customized or interest-based ads delivered by others, including our affiliates, and each of their advertising networks, and/or ads that are not tailored to your interests. If you wish to submit any other requests to opt out of having your personal information shared or sold, please email privacypolicy@newscorp.com